Monday, February 1, 2010

How Many 10mg Ambien Would Kill You Can Taking 3- 10mg Ambien Hurt You?

Can taking 3- 10mg Ambien hurt you? - how many 10mg ambien would kill you

I have 3 - Ambien 10mg and the third is not there yet entered. I took the other 2 for about an hour and a half. Could this hurt me in a serious way? How to kill me? I'm not trying to kill me, if what you are doing well.


Malachi said...

No, 30 mg, probably will not hurt you in one night.

However, you and your doctor should consider seriously whether you've created a tolerance, you can find ambien be ineffective or have other causes of insomnia is Ambien not treated. Ambien is a drug is prescribed the dose (Tylenol does not care much for that matter).

The second half of this bond is for patients who can not be doctors, but Article 9 of the first half of interest.

smitty72... said...

You probably do not remember writing, but if you do not ..... Bed.

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